fredag 11 mars 2011

And so the story begins...

The cold wind passed by the town.
Ten years had past since Ash and his friends completed their quest, and a new horror was hunting the world.
It was people suffering, and some people lived wealthy lives.
The newspaper was paid to keep from printing about the horror, to make everyone believe that everything was fine.
Children was not longer allowed to get out on a journey and catch Pokemons, they could become a problem…

The one who suffered the most was the Pokemons.

2 Years ago

The cold, but strong wind throw the window open, and I woke up, shocked. It was sunny in Sinnoh, and all the Pokemon was already up, making noises in the garden.
I could hear my mother screaming and throwing stuff on the Pokemons, like any other morning.
Yawing I got out of bed. Almost tripping over all the things on the floor, cursing, why did I make such a mess last night!?
The yelling outside had stopped, which told her that the Pokemon had stopped taking our strawberries.
I brushed her hair with my fingers while walking up the stairs to take something to eat. My mom was panicking in the kitchen as usual, poor mom. Her hair was a mess, and her new clothes was broken, stupid Pokemon.
My mom never trusted any Pokemon, so we didn’t have anyone in the house, who could fight the strawberry- thieves, so mom did it herself. I was so proud of her, but still wanted to have a Pokemon to snuggle and play with.
But my moms’ truest issues with Pokemon came in the way for my journey, years ago.
The journey every 10 year olds should do, get out and find them selfs...
She didn’t trust that any Pokemon could take care of me, that they would eat me alive if they get the chance. So I stayed home with mom. Of course I argued for a while, hell, even ran away, but the months passed by, and I saw that I couldn’t change her mind, so I accepted it. 

When I see my friends’ Pokemon and how close they are… I would get so jealous, and sad.

I knew that if I had got a Pokemon it wouldn’t eat me. It would love me.

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  2. tl;dr where are the pokeymans?

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  4. Very original sir, I love pokémon so I'm very curious to see what your next blogs are going to be about! New follower, that's for sure!!

  5. it would love you so much it would eat you... thats why I love chocolate...

  6. Pokemons need to be loved too.
    too good someone is making a stand for them.

  7. What i love about creative writing is that you can publish almost anything...and it can be great! Keep it coming.

  8. :) You don't have to post chocolate for me, just keep posting your a good read as you are ;)

  9. this totaly made me feel like a kid lol red version how i miss you

  10. thats a pretty sad story poor kid should go and get a pokemon on his own

  11. brings a tear to your eye, it does